Day 3—Jan 9, 2018


There is nothing to replace a divine encounter. Everyone must have their own.

JUST AS AUTHORITY comes in the commission, so power comes in the encounter. We see it in Jesus’ life, and so it is for the disciples. And it’s no different for us. There is nothing that training, study, or association with the right people can do to make up for this one thing—the need to have a personal encounter with God. This is what builds our personal history. Many fail to realize that what is needed in this pursuit of more is an abandonment to God that attracts something that cannot be explained, controlled, or understood. We must encounter One Who is bigger than we are in every possible way until He leaves a mark. It is wonderful, glorious, and scary.



JOHN 1: 29-34



(Bill Johnson) – The favor of God sometimes looks different from the perspective of earth than from Heaven.

THIS DIVINE ENCOUNTER was glorious, but not pleasant. At first I was embarrassed, even though I was the only one who knew I was in that condition. As I lay there, I had a mental picture of me standing before my congregation, preaching the Word as I loved to do. But I saw myself with my arms and legs flailing about as though I had serious physical problems. The scene changed—I was walking down the main street of our town, in front of my favorite restaurant, again arms and legs moving about without control. I didn’t know of anyone who would believe that this was from God. I recalled Jacob and his encounter with the angel of the Lord. He limped for the rest of His life. And then there was Mary, the mother of Jesus. She had an experience with God that not even her fiancé believed, although a visit from an angel helped to change his mind. As a result she bore the Christ child… and then bore a stigma for the remainder of her days as the mother of the illegitimate child. My request for more of God carried a price. Even though an encounter like this often makes little sense to our natural reasoning, it is one I am willing to embrace regardless of the cost attached. Remember, experiencing more of Him makes any price required of no consequence. Why? Consider the reward we get in return: Him. GENESIS 32: 24-32



Thank You for the divine encounters that empower me to fulfill my assignment and Your commission. Keep my heart in a hungry posture, recognizing that even though I am commissioned and authorized to accomplish Your mission, I need Your power. I am dependent on Your anointing. I long for Your Presence. Apart from You, I can do nothing. But with You, all things are possible. Thank You for the Holy Spirit Who is with me and inside of me. God, help me to see Your favor from Heaven’s perspective, not earth’s. Even though I receive favor from You, this does not mean everyone in my life will understand it or even celebrate it. Help me to be like Mary—saying “Yes” to whatever You ask, no matter the cost or stigma.