Day 5—Jan 11, 2018


God wants to be found by us, but we must seek Him where He may be found.

PSALM 37 IS one of my favorite psalms. I turn to it frequently to feed on over and over again. In it, I discovered that waiting on the Lord was quite different from what I had originally thought. Waiting is not sitting still. It is more clearly seen in setting up an ambush for the one who promised, “I will be found by you” (Jer. 29: 14). Where is He found? This is a place of rest that comes out of the conviction of who He is in us and who we are in Him. For that reason, waiting makes sense. Psalm 37: 7 tells us to “rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him.” Resting is a beautiful picture of people who no longer feel the pressure to strive to prove themselves. They are comfortable in their own skin.






(Bill Johnson) There are many interesting encounters that God has had with His people throughout the years. It’s a mistake to use one as the standard for all.

THE TWO MOST life-changing encounters I’ve had with God couldn’t be more different from one another. Over the past few entries, I related the story of being electrocuted in His Presence. The other one was so subtle that it would have been as easy to miss as it was to catch. It was because I “turned aside.” The Bible says that when Moses turned aside, God spoke (see Exod. 3: 1-4). My burning bush was a Scripture that the Holy Spirit highlighted to me. I stopped and considered it, pursuing what God might be saying. That was May of 1979, and I’ve never been the same since. It started small, much like a seed. But it has been increasing continuously, having tremendous impact for how I think and live. (It was Isaiah 60: 1-19, where God showed me the purpose and nature of the Church.) Keep your heart postured in a mode to receive. The specifics of the different encounters vary, but their fundamental purpose is singular—drive us into a deeper pursuit and experience of His Presence. EXODUS 3: 1-4



Lord, I wait upon You with expectation. Your Word says that You are found by those who seek You. Help me to seek You from a place of rest, waiting patiently for You to reveal Yourself to me. God, I ask You to give me eyes and ears to recognize those divine moments of encounter. They may be extremely noticeable. But also, they may be so subtle that if I don’t turn aside, I could miss them. Help me not pursue a certain type of encounter—the encounter is not my pursuit anyway. You are! I am after You, Father. Your Presence is my desire.