Day 6—Jan 12, 2018


When Jesus appeared to two men on the road to Emmaus, He opened the Scriptures to explain why the Christ had to die.

AS YET THEY didn’t know who He was, but they persuaded Him to stay for a meal. When He broke the bread, their eyes were opened, and then He vanished. Their response is one of my favorite ones in all of the Bible. “Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking…?” (Luke 24: 32 NASB). That is exactly what happens to me when I read of what this same Jesus has done in the lives of those who have given themselves for more. My heart burns.



LUKE 24: 13-35



(Bill Johnson) – Intense focus restricts what you are willing and able to see. And while this approach will keep you from seeing many things, it will also open your eyes to see more of what you hunger for.

THE HEBREW WORD translated as patiently in Psalm 37: 7 has two meanings: “pain in childbirth” or “whirling in the air in dance.” Both of these activities require incredible focus and strength. We are to wait on God with an unflinching resolve and focus, much like what Jacob had when he wrestled the angel. Patience also demands a singularity in focus. There are seasons in life when being involved in many diverse activities is not only acceptable, it’s good. But there are also seasons when it is deadly. I was once driving from Northern California to Southern California on Interstate 5. South of Bakersfield I found myself in a dust storm that almost completely blinded me. It covered the entire freeway. There were cars immediately behind me, so I knew stopping could be disastrous. As I got into this cloud of dust I could faintly see cars and trucks scattered all over both sides of the freeway with people waving frantically. Talking with friends, listening to music, and the like are acceptable activities while driving, but they could have been deadly in this moment. Absolute silence filled the car as I worked to maintain my speed and focus on the lane ahead of me. After a minute or two, we made it through that terrifying cloud of death by God’s grace alone. This demanded self-control on my end, recognizing that a singleness of vision was demanded to navigate the danger. Self-control is not the ability to say “No” to a thousand other voices. It’s the ability to say “Yes” to the one thing. PHILIPPIANS 3: 7-11



You are the One Who causes my heart to burn with passion and desire. As I continue in Your Word, Lord, may my hunger for more of You increase. I deeply long to encounter the One revealed in the pages of Scripture. Every reality that Your Word has made available to me, I want to press in to experience and release it in my life. I press toward the upward call in Christ Jesus. My vision and focus is single. More than anything, Holy Spirit, let my life serve as Your place of habitation on the earth.