Day 7—Jan 13, 2018


There was something different about the atmosphere that surrounded the apostle Peter. His lifestyle changed quite dramatically after he was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

ONE MOMENT, PETER stood fearful, intimidated, and trembling before a servant girl, denying that he ever knew Jesus. It was only after he was transformed by the Presence that his true identity was awakened and he became the rock Jesus saw him as in Matthew 16. When you are empowered by the Presence of God, Heaven awakens your true potential, positioning you to step out and be the person you were divinely designed to be. You are a completely new creation—a human being possessed by God. This truth alone should embolden you to step out, absolutely confident that the Greater One lives within you and that everything He has called you to be and everything His Word describes you as—this is who you really are. Remember, the One Who identifies you also inhabits you!



MATTHEW 26: 69-70  ACTS 5: 15



(Bill Johnson) Each of us has become the target of God for a specific encounter that redefines our purpose on planet earth.

IT’S THE BAPTISM of fire. We were born to burn. And while the danger of turning our attention from the Person to the experience, it’s worth the risk. No amount of miracles, no amount of insight, no amount of personal success will ever satisfy the cry of the heart for this baptism. And while many would like to just get it over with, oftentimes there is a deep process involved. For the one hundred and twenty, it was ten days of continuous prayer. For me it was an eight-month season where my prayers actually woke me up. I didn’t wake up to pray. I woke up praying. Such a singleness of focus is rewarded. I personally don’t think that these encounters are supposed to be a one-time event. We must have frequent encounters with God that continuously re-calibrate our hearts that we might be entrusted with more and more of God. What a person values they will protect. God will give us the measure of His Presence that we are willing to jealously guard. PSALM 108: 1-5



Holy Spirit, come…. Show me the person Your empowering Presence has anointed me to be. Father, help my heart to remain steadfast. May my focus be single and directed completely on pursuing You. You reward this focus with encounter. You satisfy the longing heart. You reveal Yourself to those who are intent on finding You.