Day 12 Thursday August 17

Barrenness is the natural result of despising worship.

WHENEVER SOMEONE DESPISES extravagant worship, they put themselves in an extremely dangerous position. In doing so they are rejecting the reason why we’re alive. Barrenness and the absence of worship go hand in hand. The Michal scene happened again during Jesus’ ministry. It was when the costly ointment was poured over Jesus. All the disciples were upset, asking, “Why this waste?” (Matt. 26:8). An act that made the disciples uneasy was celebrated by the Savior (see Matt. 26: 13). Sounds very similar to Michal’s response to David as she exclaimed, “How the king of Israel distinguished himself today! He uncovered himself today in the eyes of his servants’ maids as one of the foolish ones shamelessly uncovers himself!” (2Sam. 6:20 NASB). Both wasteful expressions of worship created discomfort with religious perspectives and have been memorialized in Heaven’s records forever.





Father, You take great joy in extravagant, wasteful worship. Help me to pour out my love to You without fear or restraint. 


                                      WHAT FATHER IS SAYING TO ME TODAY?

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