Day 15 Sunday August 20

I believe it was David’s hunger for God that enabled him to pull this experience into his day, even though it was reserved for another day.

WHEN DAVID BECAME king, he sensed that God was looking for something else— priests who offer the sacrifices of thanksgiving and praise through the yielded and broken heart. This was done even though the Law he lived under forbade it. It was offered with musical instruments as well as the voices of the singers. In this context, every priest could come daily before God without having to bring a blood offering. This order of worship was done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This of course spoke of the day when every believer, a priest according to First Peter 2:9, would come to God in boldness because of what Jesus accomplished on our behalf. This is what was referred to when James said David’s booth was being rebuilt. David was the man after God’s heart. He had a perception of God that would not be fully realized until Jesus would come and shed His blood for all. David’s experience was a prophetic foretaste of something to come.





As Your priest, I stand as one who ministers directly before Your Presence— day and night. You gave me a glimpse of what this looks like in the tabernacle of David. I take my place as Your minister, offering up a life of fragrant praise and worship.


                                             WHAT FATHER IS SAYING TO ME TODAY?

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