Day 20 Friday August 25

What you think you know about God that cannot be found in the person of Jesus, you have reason to question.

JESUS IS THE standard— the only standard given for us to follow. As simple as that thought is, I never cease to be amazed at how many people try to improve on the example Jesus gave us and create a new standard— one that is more relevant. There appear to be two extremes in this regard— today I want us to consider just one of them. This is the Old Testament prophet-type ministry, whose view of God and man are accurate for their time, but very incomplete in regard to this hour that we live in. It is missing one significant ingredient— Jesus, the Reconciler. He fulfilled the demands of the Law and made reconciliation with God possible. He would not allow James and John to minister under that anointing when they asked for permission (see Luke 9:54). That season is over! (See Luke 16:16.)





Jesus shows me exactly Who You are, Father. My eyes are fixed on His example, His model, His works, and His words. Anything that disagrees with Who Jesus was and what Jesus did, I bring before You to question. Jesus is the only standard I will follow! 


                                     WHAT FATHER IS SAYING TO ME TODAY?

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