Day 4 Wednesday August 9

God’s Presence cannot be manhandled.

DAVID HAD MADE arrangements to bring the Ark into Jerusalem and place it in the tent that he pitched for that purpose (see 2 Sam. 6:17). It was David’s number-one priority. There was nothing even close to the priority of God’s Presence being with David, being with Israel. The story is exciting, intriguing, and deadly. The nation of Israel planned for this day. They lined the streets to witness the ceremony of worship orchestrated to bring the Presence of God into the city of David, Jerusalem. Those who could play instruments brought them in a sacrificial celebration to honor God as He came. The finest ox cart was obtained for the event. Priests took their places as they ushered in the Holy One. But one of the oxen stumbled and nearly upset the cart that carried the Ark. Uzzah reached out his hand to steady the Ark out of his concern for the Presence. The anger of the Lord burned against him for his irreverence. God killed him. This story alone should sober the hearts and minds of those who would tend to use the anointing for personal gain. God will not be commandeered by man.





I desire Your Presence because I love You. Help me to never pursue You just to get something from You. You supply every need and are happy to provide for me in every way possible. Even still, Your Presence is more precious than any provision that You could ever give. I celebrate the blessing and am truly grateful for all of it— but I don’t pursue the blessing, I pursue Your Presence. 



                                                WHAT FATHER IS SAYING TO ME TODAY?

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