Day 8 Sunday August 13

David was not a normal king. He would become known as the man after God’s heart— the man of God’s Presence.

DAVID ANNOUNCED THE new plan to usher God’s Presence into his city. The people were ready. The priests were ready. The priestly musicians trained for the day. Those assigned to carry the ark of His Presence probably wondered about the fearfully exciting privilege involved in their job. After all, the last guy to get that close to the Ark died. But this time they had the will of God revealed in Scripture to support the process. This story is one of the greatest stories in the Bible. It should be known forward and backward by every believer, as it is key to clearly fulfill our role in this day. It is our story, ahead of time. The day came. King David stripped himself of his kingly garments and put on a priest’s tunic, basically a priest’s undergarment. This was not something a king would be seen in normally. This all represents a heart motivated by sincerity and truth. David previously sought to host God’s Presence, but his sincerity needed truth. He needed to accommodate God’s blueprint. Here, we watch David extravagantly honor the One he loved. Truly a sneak preview of worship in spirit and truth.





Father, I want to worship You in spirit and truth just like David did. Help me not to be concerned with what anyone else thinks of my worship toward You. What matters most is worshiping You in the way You deserve to be worshiped!


                                       WHAT FATHER IS SAYING TO ME TODAY?

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