Day 9 Monday August 14

Many respond to God once His Presence is realized. But some respond before He actually comes. They are the ones who usher in the Presence of the King of Glory.

IT IS WORTH noting that the Ark of the Covenant (the Presence of God) followed David into Jerusalem. Wherever David danced, God followed. He responds to our offerings. In this story, it’s an offering of thanksgiving and praise expressed in the dance. Another way of looking at it is God showed up wherever King David danced in an undignified fashion. It might surprise us to find out what is attractive to Him.





Father, I want to usher in Your Presence wherever I am. Help me to respond to You and honor Your Presence whether I see or feel You moving. I want to celebrate who You are and what You are going to do before anything actually happens. 



                                              WHAT FATHER IS SAYING TO ME TODAY?

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