Day 10—Jan 16, 2018


Jesus was known for healing people with and without prayer. There were times when it looked as though He was not involved at all in the miracle that happened through Him.

CONSIDER THE WOMAN with the nonstop blood flow in Mark 5. In approaching Jesus for healing, she was not trying to implement some type of miracle formula. Neither was she responding to some teaching she received on the “Five Keys to Get Your Healing.” She simply said to herself, “If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well” (Mark 5: 28). The point of emphasis in this story is not Jesus’ clothes; rather, it is what made His clothes the woman’s point of contact. Her faith was not in the hem of a garment, but in the One whose very Presence caused the garment to be charged with healing power.



MARK 5: 25-34



Evan Roberts: Contending for More

FOR A PERIOD of time Evan Roberts had been seeking and finding a more intimate relationship with the Lord. William Davies, a deacon at the Moriah Chapel, had counseled young Evan never to miss the prayer meetings in case the Holy Spirit would come and he would be missing. So Evan faithfully attended the Monday evening meeting at Moriah, Tuesday at Pisgah, Wednesday at Moriah, and Thursday and Friday at other prayer meetings and Bible classes. For thirteen years he did this and faithfully prayed for a mighty visitation for the Holy Spirit. One day before school, in the spring of 1904, Evan found himself in what he later referred to as a Mount of Transfiguration experience. The Lord revealed Himself in such an amazing and overwhelming manner that Evan was filled with divine awe. After this he would go through periods of uncontrollable trembling that brought concern to his family. For weeks God visited Evan each night. When his family pressed him to tell about the experiences he would only say it was something indescribable. When the time drew near for him to enter Grammar School at New Castle Emlyn, he was afraid to go because he was afraid that he would miss these encounters with the Lord.



Thank You, Holy Spirit, that Your Presence releases Your power. More than anything, I hunger for Your Presence, Your nearness, and Your closeness. May You and You alone be my life’s great pursuit. You faithfully reveal Yourself to those who seek You out. Help me to be a lifelong seeker. I never want to be satisfied. May my joy and satisfaction come from not being satisfied. There is always more. I celebrate what I have experienced and praise You for what I have tasted so far. At the same time, I praise You, Father, because You have made it impossible for me to become stagnant. Glory to glory is the only direction I can move in.