Day 11—Jan 17, 2018


We have yet to live in what has already been revealed.

JESUS GAVE US a model that was attainable for anyone cleansed of sin and filled with the Holy Spirit. This is exactly what the body of Christ is being called into. The example of the normal Christian life, as presented by Jesus Christ, is the inheritance of every believer. All one needs to do is look at Jesus for any questions or confusion concerning the will of God to be immediately answered. While there are specifics that pertain to the more detailed nuances of your life, there is a clear blueprint that we have been given to follow no matter where we are or what we are doing. Businessperson? Pastor? Banker? Doctor? Lawyer? Artist? Here is God’s revealed will for your life: And as you go, preach, saying, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give (Matthew 10: 7-8).



MATTHEW 10: 7-8



Evan Roberts: Receiving the Fire

AT THIS TIME a convention was being held at Blaenenerch a few miles from Evan Roberts’ school. An evangelist named Seth Joshua was leading the meetings. On Thursday morning, September 29, 1904, Roberts and nineteen other young people, including his friend Sydney Evans, attended the meeting. On the way to the meeting the Lord moved on the small company and they began to sing: “It is coming, it is coming—the power of the Holy Ghost. I receive it, I receive it—the power of the Holy Ghost.” During the seven o’clock meeting, Evan was deeply moved and he broke down completely at the close of the service. When Seth Joshua used the words “Bend us, oh Lord,” Evan entered such travail that he heard nothing more. He later testified that the Spirit of God whispered to him: “This is what you need.” “Bend me, oh Lord,” he cried. But the fire did not fall. At the 9 o’clock meeting the spirit of intercession was moving on the congregation in great power. Evan was bursting to pray. Then the Spirit of God told him to do so publicly. With tears streaming down his face Evan just began to cry: “Bend me! Bend me! Bend me! Bend us.” Then the Holy Spirit came upon him with a mighty baptism that filled Evan with Calvary’s love and a love for Calvary. That night the message of the Cross was so branded upon Evan’s heart that there would be no other theme of the great revival he would soon help lead. From that night on, Evan Roberts could focus on one thought—the salvation of souls. Historians would refer to that night as “Blaenanerch’s great meeting.”



Thank You for the example of Jesus and the clarity He brings to Your will for my life. This is my inheritance as a believer. I know there are other details and specifics; I simply trust those to You as I step out and start following the model of Jesus in my life today. Bend me, O Lord. May my life be dedicated to hosting Your Presence. You are my one desire—my great pursuit. Spirit of God, fill me with Calvary’s love and a love for Calvary, just as You did for Evan Roberts.