Day 12—Jan 18, 2018


Faith sees and responds to unseen realities.

WALKING BY FAITH and not by sight is the believer’s lifestyle. Our vision needs to be tuned in to the unseen in order to appropriately respond to the seen. In other words, we need to learn how to watch the Holy Spirit and align ourselves with His movement. Unusual methods used by the Holy Spirit give us glimpses of how He works and acts. In one instance, He may use the anointed clothing of Paul to set a demonized person free. On another occasion, He may direct you to lay hands on someone and pray for their healing. It might be that by simply sharing a word of knowledge, the condition or affliction is broken. The problem is that we have a bent toward developing systems and formulas around what we think produces results, when in fact the Holy Spirit is a relational Person Who simply wants to tune our spiritual ears in to His frequency. Different methods are not intended to tie us to a particular way or strategy. Instead, they remind us of the need for moment by moment relationship with the Spirit of God. Remember, His movements will change—and at times may appear quite unusual—but His ways are always consistent.






Evan Roberts: Empowered to Carry Revival

ONE MIDNIGHT SHORTLY after this, Evan’s roommate and closest friend, Sydney Evans, came into the room to find Evan’s face shining with a holy light. Astonished, he asked what had happened. Evan replied that he had just seen in a vision the whole of Wales being lifted up to Heaven. He then prophesied: “We are going to see the mightiest revival that Wales has ever known—and the Holy Spirit is coming just now. We must get ready. We must have a little band and go all over the country preaching.” Suddenly he stopped and with piercing eyes he cried: “Do you believe that God can give us 100,000 souls, now?” The Presence of the Lord so gripped Sydney that he could not help but believe. Later, while sitting in a chapel, Evan saw in a vision some of his old companions and many other young people as a voice spoke to him saying: “Go to these people.” He said, “Lord, if it is Thy will, I will go.” Then the whole chapel became filled with light so dazzling that he could only faintly see the minister in the pulpit.



Sharpen my eyes to see Your movements, Holy Spirit. Tune my ears to hear Your voice. And grant me grace to obey You, follow Your lead, and work with You to accomplish Your purposes. Holy Spirit, Your anointing empowers me to win the lost. Stir up the desire within me to see my city and region come to Christ, just as you did for Evan Roberts. I am in (name your city) for such a time as this. While I live here, I possess a voice of authority in prayer. I am yet another vessel carrying Your Presence in this region. Lord, give me a vision to see this city transformed by Your power and goodness—and help me, through the enabling of Your Spirit, to participate in Heaven’s assignment for my region.