Day 14—Jan 20, 2018


It’s time for these exceptional stories to no longer be the exception. It’s time for them to become the rule—

THE NEW NORM. IN THE CONTEXT of the Gospels and the Book of Acts, miracles were normal. A blueprint was established for what the Christian life was supposed to look and operate like. As the Holy Spirit continues to move in great power through believers today, people often look at His supernatural work and brand it as something new. It is only new in the sense that it has been so long since signs, wonders, and miracles have defined the expression of the normal Christian life. The Holy Spirit has never stopped moving and flowing through the church since the Day of Pentecost. His power has always been available. The question is, who will return to the blueprint and actually believe that what Scripture revealed in the life of Jesus and in the Book of Acts is available to us today? Jesus has sent you in the same way that He was sent by the Father! This invites us to return to His life and ministry and ask, How was Jesus sent? This gives us the most accurate blueprint of what our lives should look like today.



JOHN 20: 21-22



William Seymour: The Spirit Poured Out on Azusa Street

THE SPIRIT BEGAN to fall in Los Angeles as people were radically filled and walked out into the streets speaking in tongues. Crowds began to grow at these home meetings, where Seymour was living with a host family. Before long, they were preaching from the front porch as people filled the streets to listen. Eventually, they moved into an old horse stable at 312 Azusa Street. It was in this stable in 1906 that the Pentecostal movement was officially born. People would fall over and weep. They would speak in tongues. They would laugh, jerk, dance, and shout. They would wait on the Lord for hours, sometimes saying nothing. Seymour would often preach from his knees. “No one could possibly record all the miracles that occurred there,” writes charismatic historian Roberts Liardon. John G. Lake said of William Seymour that, “He had more of God in his life than any man I had ever met up to that time.”



As You sent Jesus, so You are sending me! Give me a clear vision of what Jesus’ life and ministry looked like so that, through the power of the Holy Spirit, I can walk out the supernatural lifestyle that He made available to me. Father, may I serve as an accurate representative of Your nature and character to a world who desperately needs to see You. I ask that Your light would shine brightly upon me, that those looking at my life would see Your life radiating through me. Help them to get hungry for what I have. Thank You for enlisting me in this glorious ministry of reconciliation.