Day 15—Jan 21, 2018


The apostles learned from Jesus’ example that the greatest treasure was the Presence of the Holy Spirit resting upon Him.

THE PRESENCE OF the Holy Spirit that rested upon the Son of God was guarded as the most precious treasure. Jesus knew that His words and actions, demonstrated through the enabling of the Spirit, were constantly creating a template that was meant to be followed from generation to generation. While the redemptive work of Calvary is eternally exclusive to Jesus with Him being the only worthy Lamb, we must pay careful attention to the model He was building during His life and public ministry. This model was not meant to be exclusive to just Him, but designed to be followed by all who would believe in Him. While Jesus was journeying toward the Cross, He was also giving humankind a glimpse of the life that would become possible after the Cross. Jesus was the only Man in history—up to this point—perfectly compatible to be filled with the Holy Spirit’s Presence because He was without sin. Because of His redemptive work, Jesus made it possible for everyone who received His gift of salvation to be forgiven of sin and, ultimately, be filled with the same Spirit He was filled with.



JOHN 1: 32-34



William Seymour: Recognizing the Priority of the Presence

PRAYER LASTED ALL day and all night. Firemen were even dispatched to Azusa Street, because people saw a “fire” which was actually just the visible glory of God resting on the exterior of the building. Missionaries began coming to Azusa Street from around the world to catch the fire. People would fall over, get saved, and begin speaking in tongues blocks away from the building, even though no one prayed for them and they had no idea what was going on in the Azusa mission. Parishioners would also hit the streets, knocking on doors with little bottles of oil and asking to pray for the sick. Seymour sought first and foremost to cultivate the Presence of God in his meetings. If someone felt led, they would stand up and begin to pray or preach. If the anointing did not seem to be on a particular speaker, that person would sometimes get a gentle tap on the shoulder to hush up. Truly, the Spirit of God was the leader of those meetings.



Thank You for the Cross, Father. Thank You for making it possible for me to be cleansed of sin and become fit to be indwelt by the precious Spirit of God. Your Presence is my supreme desire. Thank You for all of the signs and the wonders. Thank You for the breakthroughs and miracles. Thank You for the blessings. But above all, thank You, Holy Spirit, for Your Presence. Help me to be one like William Seymour who celebrates and accommodates Your Presence above everything else.