Day 19—Jan 25, 2018


Our true nature and personality will never come to fullness apart from His manifest Presence.

BECAUSE WE WERE created by God and for God, who we really are will not find ultimate expression until we live as men and women who consciously host His Presence. It was, after all, His Presence that made you fully alive to begin with. The Holy Spirit is the One Who made salvation possible for you. He opened our eyes and ears to the glories of the Gospel. The Spirit quickened our dead hearts to say “Yes” to Jesus’ call to follow after Him. Could it be there are many believers, sleepwalking through the motions of life, who are not enjoying the fully alive reality that they were born again into? Sooner or later, we need to fully believe in what took place when we got saved. Our sins were forgiven so that we could be indwelt and inhabited by the Presence of the Holy God. It is in Him that we live, move, and have our being, and it is through His Presence that we walk this earth as men and women fully alive in Christ. The key is maintaining awareness of His Presence.






Charles Finney: Carrying the Presence

FINNEY WRITES OF the following unusual experience in his own autobiography: He entered a factory one morning after breakfast. In a room filled with young ladies working on their weaving machines, looms, and spinning devices, two in particular stood out to him. They looked a bit agitated, but seemed to cover it with laughter. He said nothing, but walked closer, noticing that one was trembling so badly that she couldn’t mend her thread. When he got to within about eight to ten feet they burst out in tears and slumped down. In moments nearly the whole roomful of workers was in tears. The owner, who was yet unconverted himself, recognized that this was a divine moment and ordered that his factory be shut down to give his workers a chance to come to Christ. A mini-revival broke out, which lasted several days. Nearly the entire mill was converted during this time. It all started with a man upon whom the Spirit of God loved to rest. And so without words a room full of workers came under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and a revival was born. While this exact experience did not happen every day, I can’t help but wonder if maybe the Lord is trying to draw us into a greater hunger for more, now that we know what else is possible. This testimony is in God’s resume. It reveals how He is willing to affect the surroundings of those who host Him well.



God, it is in You that I find fullness of joy and become the best version of who You’ve created me to be. I know You are always with me, but please help me to become more aware of Your tangible Presence. Holy Spirit, help me to be one who You love to rest upon. I am not content simply reading about the anointing or studying it; I desire to walk this out in my everyday life. May I be one, like Charles Finney, who is so saturated and drenched in Your Presence that I release a noticeable shift wherever I go.