Day 20—Jan 26, 2018


Learning to host Him is at the center of our assignment.

WHEN IT COMES to considering our assignment, we are quick to want to do something. However, before we do anything, we must place our great emphasis on the God we host, even more than the works we set out to accomplish in His Name. This is a vital switch because there are so many believers out in the world who are trying to work very hard for God. They believe that the more they do, the greater effectiveness their “doing” will bring to their lives. The center of our assignment is not in what we accomplish for God, but Whom we live mindful of. It is all too possible for us to fall into a cycle of working in our own strength and not drawing from the Presence of the One we host with our lives. This is why it is so vital to make hosting God’s Presence the center of our assignment. When our awareness is first directed toward the Holy Spirit rather than external acts of spiritual service, what we do externally will have far greater impact than it did previously. We have made hosting God our primary pursuit and have learned to draw limitless supernatural resources from His transforming Presence.



LUKE 10: 38-42



Smith Wigglesworth: An Atmosphere Saturated in God’s Presence

HERE IS THE final story that is one of my favorite stories in all of church history. Smith was truly a man of the Presence. There were eleven leading Christians in prayer with our Brother at a special afternoon meeting. Each had taken a part. The Evangelist then began to pray for the Dominion, and as he continued, each, according to their measure of spirituality, got out. The power of God filled the room and they could not remain in an atmosphere supercharged by the power of God. The author on hearing of this from one who was present registered a vow that if the opportunity came, he at any rate would remain whoever else went out. During the stay in the Sounds a special meeting was called to pray for the other towns in New Zealand yet to be visited. A like position to the other meeting now arose. Here was the opportunity, the challenge, the contest was on. A number prayed. Then the old saint began to lift up his voice, and strange as it may seem, the exodus began. A Divine influence began to fill the place. The room became holy. The power of God began to feel like a heavy weight. With set chin, and a definite decision not to budge, the only other one now left in the room hung on and hung on, until the pressure became too great, and he could stay no longer. With the flood gates of his soul pouring out a stream of tears, and with uncontrollable sobbing he had to get out or die; and a man who knew God as few do was left alone immersed in an atmosphere that few men could breathe in.



Holy Spirit, thank You for loving me for who I am and not for what I do for You. I want to host You well by spending time with You and letting You love me. Help me to be like Mary and sit at Your feet instead of like Martha compulsively doing things for You that You never asked me to do. Give me a greater revelation of Your love for me as a son/ daughter. Father, I hunger to experience more of Your tangible, manifest Presence in my life. Show me what it looks like to carry this measure of Your glory wherever I go so that I can bring transformation to whatever atmosphere I am placed in.