Day 3—Aug 7, 2018


It was known somehow that the realities of Heaven and earth must be closer to each other. 

ISAIAH REPRESENTED THE cry of all humanity when he prayed, “Rend the heavens and come down” (Isa. 64: 1 NASB). In this prayer, the cry for Heaven to influence earth had once again exploded from the heart. Earth was crying out for Heaven’s invasion. This time it was from a prophet. God had already set the stage to answer and instructed Isaiah to make the prayerful declaration. It was a prophetic word in the form of a prayer. Then, Heaven’s answer came. The revelation and release of God’s redemptive program is now unstoppable because of the Anointed One. Jesus came as our Redeemer and our template. He went to the Cross so that it would become possible for a company of anointed ones to overspread the earth with God’s glory. During Jesus’ public ministry, He gave us a glimpse of the lifestyle that would become available to every Christian, forgiven of sin and filled with the Spirit. Because of Jesus, the ancient cry was answered. Heaven had come close to earth—and because of Pentecost, its advancement would only continue! 


PRAYER You have answered this ancient cry, Lord! Instead of praying for You to rend the heavens and come down, show me how to cooperate with Your Spirit and release what You have already provided.


What is the Father saying to you today?