Day 5—Aug 9, 2018


Nothing happens in the Kingdom until first there is a declaration. 

JESUS ANSWERED JOHN’S objections to baptizing Him by saying, “Permit it at this time; for in this way it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness” (Matt. 3: 15). Righteousness was fulfilled in this act because here Jesus became the servant of all, identified with sinful humanity, and was now positioned to announce that the Kingdom of God is at hand. This announcement brought the release, because the Kingdom operates through declaration. Reality is born in the place of announcement. Before eyes witness the manifestation, the mouth releases the prophetic declaration. Through Jesus’ declaration, He was announcing the inauguration of a Kingdom lifestyle that would become accessible to all believers throughout history. 


PRAYER Open my eyes to more clearly see and respond to the example of Jesus. He did not need to be baptized—He was without sin. Instead, He was baptized to identify with humanity, showing me everything that would become possible for a human being in right relationship with God. Because I am forgiven of sin and filled with the Spirit, the works of Jesus are now accessible to me. He did His miraculous works by the power of the Spirit. Thank You, Father, for giving me the same Spirit and the same power!


What is the Father saying to you today?