Day 8—Aug 12, 2018


Tearing the heavens was in itself an act of ultimate grace and glory, resulting in spiritual forces of darkness suffering serious consequences. 

THE MAN, CHRIST Jesus, was now clothed with Heaven, thoroughly equipped for all His earthly purposes. And His equipping was a prophetic foretaste of what would soon be made available to all. Darkness could not grasp the implications of this moment. If it did, satan would never have proceeded with the crucifixion plan (see 1 Cor. 2: 8). Jesus’ blood actually invited you and me into the open heaven that He walked under. Up until Jesus received the Holy Spirit, no human being was fit to receive the abiding or remaining Presence of God. Sin made this impossible. Jesus reversed this through His death on the Cross. This reversal spells absolute destruction for the enemy and his tyranny on the earth—in multiple dimensions. Jesus by Himself brought great devastation to the powers of darkness as He walked the earth. He healed the sick. Cast out devils. Jesus was constantly undoing the enemy’s influence over people and cities. If that was not enough, His redemptive work brought utter ruin to the devil and his kingdom. Now, because of Jesus’ blood, believers everywhere have received the same Spirit that anointed the Son of God to destroy the works of the devil (see 1 John 3: 8). Darkness does not stand a chance. 


PRAYER The Cross made it possible for me to experience Your anointing. The powers of darkness would have never crucified Jesus if they knew what His sacrifice would make available! I am not filled for a season or for a task—I am anointed and filled with Your Spirit for all the days of my life.


What is the Father saying to you today?