Day 9—Aug 13, 2018


The veil in the temple, the rocks around Jerusalem, and the heavens all experience the same act of violence. They give witness that the King with a superior Kingdom has just come onto the scene. 

AT JESUS’ DEATH, everything was shaken. Each expression of shaking and breaking revealed that full provision had been made for the open heaven that Jesus walked under to become our reality. Consider the testimony of the veil, the rocks, and the heavens at Jesus’ death: The veil—God was not tied to an Old Covenant anymore as the requirements had been met through Jesus’ death. It was torn top to bottom, as it was His doing. The rocks—the hardest places on earth were responding to the change in seasons, splitting open to signify that Jesus, the King of glory, was welcome to rule here. The heavens—the prince of the power of the air had no authority over Jesus, who would be the prototype of every believer who would walk the earth after His death, resurrection, and ascension into Heaven. 


PRAYER I belong to an unshakeable Kingdom. Even though things in the world are shaking all around me, I carry what is eternal, unshakeable, and steadfast. Help me to release the power of Your Kingdom into every shaking circumstance in life.


What is the Father saying to you today?