Day 11—Aug 15, 2018


To look for another open heaven is to incorrectly steward the one we’ve been given. 

THE HOLY SPIRIT, the treasure of Heaven that Jesus and the Father spoke so reverently about, has been released on earth. When it comes to the topic of revival or outpouring, we need to be careful to identify what we are asking for. Too many believers are crying out for what God has already faithfully sent into the earth. Powerlessness is not the result of God’s unwillingness to give, but humankind’s inability to steward what it has already been given. This is the key to enjoying Jesus’ experience as our own. It is living before God as a son or daughter, not a beggar. When we beg, we automatically assume unwillingness from the other end. The act of begging hopes that the perseverance coupled with desperation will elicit a response. It is one thing to be desperate and to persevere for breakthrough; but to beg is to believe that the one we are begging of prefers for us to remain in a state of lack. This is not our Father. The problem is that we are begging for an inheritance that has already been freely released to us. We are crying out for an outpouring from Heaven that has already come to the earth. With good intentions and hungry hearts, we ask God to open the heavens. I have to wonder if He is looking down at the Church, hoping that we would respond to the open heaven by living as an open gate. 


PRAYER Your Holy Spirit has already been poured out! I press in for fresh fillings and encounters, which Scripture tells me are available. However, I do not look for another Holy Spirit. I don’t look for a new open heaven. He has already come and He lives inside of me. I don’t cry out for another Spirit; rather, I desire to experience the One Who lives inside of me in even greater measure!


What is the Father saying to you today?