Day 12—Aug 16, 2018


For the believer, most closed heavens are between the ears. 

WHETHER OR NOT we believe that Heaven is open does not negate the truth that it is. Our thoughts do not alter the open heaven over our lives; instead, they determine whether or not we partake of this reality. Jesus Christ secured an open heaven for every single Spirit-indwelt believer. This is a fact. The question is: Do our minds agree with this fact or do they entertain a lie? No doubt we are familiar with Paul’s words to the church in Rome, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Rom. 12: 2). One of the practical ways that we live out of a renewed mind is by maintaining awareness of what we have, not what we think we lack. When we live under the influence of what we perceive we lack, we are always fighting to pursue these items which seem ever evasive and just out of reach. To reorient our minds and become focused on what we possess in Christ, as those anointed by the Spirit, we posture ourselves to draw from the resources of His world and release them into ours. We believe the resources of the Kingdom are readily accessible because the blood of a better covenant has secured them for us. 


PRAYER Shape my thoughts to agree with every provision that Your blood made available. Because of Jesus’ blood, I am filled with the Holy Spirit. I was qualified to be filled because I was cleansed. Because I am filled, I walk under an open heaven. Unlimited supernatural resources flow from Your world to this one through me. Show me how to walk in this identity and steward Your Presence well.

What is the Father saying to you today?