Day 15—Aug 19, 2018


Darkness is an inferior power, one I cannot afford to be impressed with. 

OUR ATTENTION MUST be on the provisions and promises of Christ and the open heaven over each one of us. I believe that keeping my focus on those things describes at least in part what it means to abide in Christ (see John 15: 4). This is what Paul means when he encourages us to set our thoughts upon things that are above (see Col. 3: 1-2). To believe darkness is superior is to buy into a lie that ultimately empowers the liar. The devil’s days are numbered. He is utterly powerless. He is desperately searching for open doors of agreement where he can plant and cultivate his lies. Scripture tells us that the enemy, “your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour” (1 Pet. 5: 8 NASB). It is worth noting that the devil is not a roaring lion. His aim is to masquerade like a roaring lion. He can initiate the devouring process when someone starts to believe he actually is a roaring lion. Let’s cease being impressed with this one whose charade is as old as time itself. 


PRAYER Help me to remember that the devil is not a roaring lion—even though he tries to convince me that he is. He is unimpressive and inferior when measured beside the Risen Christ. He is a defeated foe and I have been given authority to tread upon his works of darkness. Keep me from agreeing with his lies, Lord. This denies him the right of access and keeps him from infiltrating my life through my thoughts!


What is the Father saying to you today?