Day 18—Aug 22, 2018


We cannot let darkness shape our awareness of the heavenly atmosphere that dwells upon us. 

ONE DIMENSION OF living out of a renewed mind is awareness. Are we more aware of the darkness around us or are we more aware of the Spirit resting upon us? The One Who rests upon us is the solution to the darkness around us. This would suggest that the person who lives aware of the Holy Spirit’s empowering Presence is a constant threat to darkness. Perhaps our greatest threat to the advancement of darkness is our ability to shut it down by simply saying, “No, you do not deserve my attention and my awareness.” This is where victory begins. It is not a call to pretend like darkness does not exist. Instead, it is to treat darkness appropriately—as space that is destined to be transformed by the light we carry. 


PRAYER Increase my awareness of Your Great Presence living within me. Help me not to become overly aware of the darkness around me, but to constantly look within and remember that the One Who trampled the powers of darkness lives inside of me! Greater are You, Holy Spirit—the One living in me—than the forces of darkness in this world. Help me to live mindful and aware of Your greatness.


What is the Father saying to you today?