Day 20—Aug 24, 2018


To live unaware of the open heaven over us is to contribute to the war over our hearts and minds as it pertains to the truth of Scripture. 

TO LIVE UNAWARE of the open heaven over us keeps us focused on what hasn’t happened instead of living from what has happened. What has happened is that the Son of God was also the anointed Son of Man. God came to earth and, for the purpose of showing us how to live like Him, became a Man anointed by the Holy Spirit. Only God could pull that off successfully. God remained God, but became a Man—Who was filled with the Spirit of God. The One qualified to live under open heavens made provision for His reality to become yours. This is what we must learn to live aware of. The language of open heavens points to an unrestricted flow of supernatural resources from God’s world to this one. The catalyst is always an anointed individual. Jesus was the model for what it looked like to live under an open heaven. He never intended for His experience to be unparalleled or unreachable, as Jesus’ earthly ministry is an invitation to us to rise higher in our Christian lives. 


PRAYER The heavens were opened to Jesus at His baptism when He received the Holy Spirit. In the same way, the heavens are opened to me because I have received the abiding Presence of Your Spirit in my life. Jesus paid the price so that Heaven would remain over me all the days of my life.


What is the Father saying to you today?