Day 21—Aug 25, 2018


We owe it to God to live aware of what He has done and draw from the reality He has made available. 

JESUS PAID A debt that we could never pay back. In fact, our minds are utterly incapable of conceiving of how such a debt could even be repaid. To “owe” God is not to try and pay Him back for the debt He paid. No. It means to become aware of everything Jesus purchased at the Cross and start drawing from what He has made readily available. We cannot afford to pray from the place of lack anymore. To pray from lack when the answer has already been provided through the Cross keeps us perpetually trapped in a spiritual state of limbo. We tend to ask for what has already been freely given. There is a time for petition and there is a time for declaration. There is a time to ask and there is a time to release. Jesus always knew what to do by following the Father’s example. In like manner, Jesus has given us His example as our model and His Spirit as our Source of instruction. He will always show us the correct posture to take. 


PRAYER Help me to live a lifestyle that takes advantage of everything that Jesus paid for. There is no way I can ever repay Him for what He did for me on the Cross. My sin debt was beyond comprehension—and He paid it in full! Instead, help me to live out of the inheritance purchased at Calvary. This is truly the only way I can repay Jesus. This is the best way I can say “Thank You” to Him—by accessing everything that His purchase made available to me!


What is the Father saying to you today?