Day 2—January 7, 2019


The heart of God is for partnership with His created likeness. He’s the ultimate King who loves to empower. 

GOD INHABITS US so that we can effectively collaborate together. Serving in the Kingdom is not all about working for God. Although we never graduate beyond being servants, at the same time Jesus brought us into divine friendship. This does not cancel out our servanthood. Instead, our service is fueled by intimacy. We are not working for love, but working from love. We do not serve God to become His friends; we serve Him because we are His friends. Also, we do not serve as just servants any longer. Mere servants do not know what the Master is doing. And yet, Jesus brought us into this unique expression of service where, as friends of God, we become intimately aware of what the Master is doing. We partner with God to accomplish His purposes on the earth. While the King is sovereign, He has nevertheless established a system where His purposes would be accomplished in the earth through a unique partnership birthed out of intimacy and friendship. As intimates, we catch a glimpse of what the Master is doing. As servants, we joyfully participate with Him in bringing His Kingdom work to pass. It is the Holy Spirit Who uniquely empowers God’s friends to accomplish His work. Beyond empowerment, the Presence is not just God enabling us to do something—it is Him working with us, His current pulsing through our hands, our feet, and our lips. He empowers, yes, but He also works through us. I cannot think of a more intimate partnership than what we experience with the Holy Spirit. 

Daily Scripture reading: JOHN 15:12-17

PRAYER God, thank You for choosing me first and allowing me to be Your friend. Thank You for empowering me to bring Your Kingdom to earth. It is my joy to partner with You!”

What is the Father saying to you today?