Day 3—January 8, 2019


We were designed to rule like God rules—in generosity and kindness, not self-serving, but always for the higher good of others. 

It’s important that we all find the “one thing” that can become the reference point for the rest of the issues of life. And that one thing is the Presence of the Almighty God, resting upon us. 

LIVING MINDFUL OF the reality of God within you and God upon you constantly reorients your life. God within is a truth that we have certainly embraced in theology and doctrine, but God upon is another dimension we have yet to experience in full measure. The Holy Spirit wants to touch and transform every area of your life, conforming it into the likeness of Jesus Christ. Many of us recognize this, in theory, but when it comes to identifying what this actually looks like in a measurable, practical way, we tend to be without clear vision. Even though we become a Presence-indwelt people at the moment of salvation, it is over the course of a lifetime that we continue to taste of what it means to be Presence-empowered. This is the process where the gift we received at the new birth begins to produce a series of “new births” in our lives. No, this is not saying that we need to get saved over and over again. Simply put, God wants to birth His nature, character, and power in your life as you surrender each area of your life over to the Spirit’s loving control. God wants to birth new thought patterns and attitudes. He wants to birth new perspectives on impossibility and courage. This is what it means to live out the resurrected life. As we discover what it means to host God’s Presence with our lives and let the Spirit Who lives inside of us rest upon us, it will become difficult to ever “change the subject.” The one thing that drives us will be a desire to see the glorious Holy Spirit of God transform every area of our lives to look, sound, act, and operate more like Jesus. After all, this is what a Presence-indwelt life has made available to you. 

Daily Scripture reading: ROM. 8:28-29, GAL. 5:22-25

PRAYER Lord, I surrender myself to You once again. Conform me to be more like You. I am teachable. I submit to You any area of my life that is not what it should be and ask You to change me supernaturally.”

What is the Father saying to you today?