Day 4—January 9, 2019


The more people carry God’s Presence into all the earth as joyful servants of the Most High, the more we will be positioned to see one of Heaven’s major mile markers

THE EARTH COVERED WITH THE GLORY OF THE LORD. IMAGINE THIS—AN ENTIRE planet filled with people who host and carry God’s Presence. Because it is Heaven’s desire that none should perish and that all might be adopted into God’s family, this is the reality we are called to press into. This must be the vision of God, because He Himself said that “truly, as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord” (Num. 14:21). He desires that none would be lost, but that all would experience eternal life. Receiving this life through the redemptive work of Christ is the key to seeing His glory transform a people and cover the planet. By bending our knee before the Cross, saying the ultimate “Yes” to the atoning work of Christ, and yielding our lives to follow Him, we position ourselves to be those fit to cover the earth with His glory. The key is stewarding this position. We are saved completely and utterly by grace. Even on our “best day,” we can never earn our way to becoming worthy enough to be filled with God’s Presence. Only the work of God can qualify someone to be filled with God. This is exactly what has created a company of people who are forgiven of sin, filled with the Holy Spirit, and qualified to carry God’s Presence throughout the nations, covering the earth with His glory.

Daily Scriptures: HAB. 2:14, PS(s) 2:8 

PRAYER I say “Yes” to Your glory covering the whole earth. I want to be part of fulfilling Your vision by bringing people into Your Kingdom family. Please show me practical strategies of how I can do this in my city as well as in other nations, for Your glory.”

What is the Father saying to you today?