Day 7—January 12, 2019


We can only release the benefit of God’s rule flowing through us to the degree that His rule is over us. 

GOD DOES NOT entrust His authority to rebels. We cannot rule well if we cannot first be ruled well. This is not a call to mindlessly submit ourselves to controlling or harmful authority; rather, it is first and foremost a necessary reminder that the One we call Savior is also our Lord. He is our ruler. Yes, we are His friends. However, friendship does not cancel out the function of servanthood; it only enhances it. It leaves us without excuse, actually. We serve God, not just because He tells us to do something, but because He reveals His heart to us. How can we not obey the One we profess to love above all others? Those who submit to the rule of God over them actually qualify themselves to experience the rule of God through them. Too many are trying to walk in authority when they do not even understand how authority works. We submit to God’s rule because we honor Him supremely, but we should also understand that in the process of submitting to God’s authority we are discovering how divine rule operates through our lives. One of the great examples of this is seen in the Gospel of Matthew where the Roman centurion asks Jesus to heal his servant. Because the centurion understood authority, he was able to tap in to a dimension of faith that, up until that point, Jesus had not even experienced—not even in all of Israel (see Matt. 8:10). The centurion understood how authority operated and in turn was able to access a breakthrough for his servant as Jesus simply spoke the word and the man was healed (see Matt. 8:13).

Daily Scriptures: MATT. 8:5-13

PRAYER Jesus, I know that there are different facets to our relationship including friendship and servanthood. As I grow in authority and demonstrate Your power on earth, help me to remain completely dependent on You. I never want to be haughty or selfish. I acknowledge that You are my Lord and Master.”

What is the Father saying to you today?