Day 6—January 11, 2019


Adam and Eve and all their descendants were to represent God on earth to the rest of creation. 

WHAT DOES IT look like to walk in authority? If Eden exemplifies the exchange that took place between fallen man and the evil one, then the Cross signifies the exchange between Christ and redeemed humanity. In Eden, man handed the keys of authority over to the devil through sin. At the Cross, Christ reclaimed those lost keys so He could give them back to man. Until redemption, man was not qualified to be given a commission of authority as delivered by Christ in Matthew 28. This is because humankind was not able to accurately represent God until God dwelt inside of them. That was the Father’s great plan. Jesus endured the Cross for the joy that was set before Him—a new reality that His sacrifice would usher people into. His joy was in obeying the Father, but also, His joy was in the vision of a community of people filled with the same Spirit that lived within Him. The pain of Calvary made necessary provision for the glory of Pentecost. To represent God on the earth, humankind needed more than a seasonal or task-specific empowerment. This worked under the Old Covenant, but mainly to accomplish particular tasks. The work of Christ made it possible for humankind to actually be indwelt and possessed by God. Sin always stood as an ominous barrier that prevented deep intimacy between Heaven and earth, God and man. Jesus destroyed this barrier, making it possible for you to be filled with His Spirit. The veil in the temple was torn down the middle, revealing that the Presence that was kept behind that curtain for so long had now been unleashed. A work was accomplished that made it possible for the Presence to be released out of the old system and take up residence in a completely new temple. A new house:Redeemed men and women throughout the ages. 

Daily Scriptures: HEB. 12:1-2, LUKE 19:10

PRAYER I say “Yes” to Your glory covering the whole earth. I want to be part of fulfilling Your vision by bringing people into Your Kingdom family. Please show me practical strategies of how I can do this in my city as well as in other nations, for Your glory.”

What is the Father saying to you today?