Day 8—January 13, 2019


God did not create us to be robots. We were made in His image as co-laborers, working with Him to demonstrate His goodness over all that He made. 

EVEN THOUGH GOD could have created humankind to be robotic in nature, void of any type of free will, He took the risk and made free agents. It is incredible to consider that God risked everything to have that one treasure—those who would worship Him, not as robots, not merely out of command, but out of relationship. The reason that Jesus does not show up in bodily form during our church services and manifest His full glory is that such an act would make worship involuntary. There is something fragrant about worship that is offered up through choice, by free decision. Such worship can only exist in the context of an intimate relationship between man and God.

Daily Scriptures: GEN. 2:15-17 

PRAYER Thank You, Jesus, for creating me with a free will. I use my will and choose to serve and love You because You are so good! Help me to make good decisions and co-labor with You to show people how good You really are.

What is the Father saying to you today?