Day 9—January 14, 2019


The Garden itself demonstrated Heaven on earth. 

EVERYTHING IN THE Garden of Eden was considered “good” by the Creator Himself. This represented God’s template for the whole of created order. Remember, all that God created was perfect in every way. His creation was good because it carried the very essence of the Creator. Not even God could improve its design, function, or purpose, because all of it came out of Him. Eden was a picture of on earth as it is in Heaven. And the reason for the placement of such an extraordinary place of peace and divine order was extreme—the rebellion of satan brought a scar into what was otherwise a perfect creation. And now peace, the substance of Heaven’s atmosphere, was to take on a military function. Disorder had tarnished God’s creation. It was now light against darkness, order versus chaos, and glory against that which is inferior, lacking, and hollow. This explains why Adam was given the unique commission that he was charged with. Likewise, the environment of Eden is a prophetic picture for why you and I have been given a commission to disciple nations. Expansion. God desired Eden to define the entire landscape of planet earth, particularly the areas that were in disorder because of darkness. In the same way, God desires His ambassadors to define this world by the culture of His world. Peace. Wholeness. Healing. Joy. Fullness. Freedom. Purpose. 

Daily Scriptures: GEN. 1, ROM. 14:17 

PRAYER Thank You that I get to be Your ambassador who brings righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit every place that I go. Fill me up so I can overflow with all of Your goodness and dispel darkness around me with light.”

What is the Father saying to you today?