Day 10—January 15, 2019


Adam’s immediate responsibility was to tend the Garden. His ultimate responsibility was to bring the same order to the rest of the planet. 

ADAM’S COMMISSION WAS to ensure that the culture and climate that defined Eden was spread throughout the rest of the planet. This is why God instructed him to “subdue” the earth, as there were elements that would need to be brought into subjection to the divine order that the Creator had originally established. The implication was that outside of the Garden there was not the same order that existed on the inside. This makes a lot of sense when we remember that the serpent came into the Garden to tempt Adam and Eve. He was already on the planet. The world outside of the Garden was not perfect; it suffered under the influence of the rebellious one, satan, and his agenda to destroy, tarnish, and maim all that was beautiful and good. Humankind was not only instructed to steward Eden; they were called to advance and enforce Eden’s culture throughout the whole of creation. This is the essence of on earth as it is in Heaven.  

Daily Scriptures: GEN. 1:26-31

PRAYER I may not be able to influence the entire planet, but I know I can influence the people in my day-to-day world. Father, give me creative ways even now on how I can use the platform You have given me to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.” 

What is the Father saying to you today?