Day 15—January 20, 2019


Adam and Eve, the ones who saw God the clearest, had no instructions on warfare, as their dominion repulsed the enemy in the same way that light drives away darkness without a fight. 

SATAN COULDN’T COME into the Garden of Eden and violently take possession of Adam and Eve. That would have been a laughable impossibility. He had no authority or dominion where he had no agreement, either in the Garden or in Adam and Eve. Dominion is power. And because humanity was given the keys of dominion over the planet, the devil would have to get authority from humans. We see this transaction played out in Genesis 3, where man hands over the keys of authority to the serpent. Fast forward to Jesus’ resurrection and ascension into Heaven. The Great Commission involved Jesus making the bold announcement that all authority belonged to Him. This is the same authority that He commissioned us to disciple nations in. Jesus reversed the exchange that took place in the Garden by securing the keys of authority from the evil one and giving them back to those who were designed to represent God on earth. That original agenda had never been revoked. Sin, however, made its execution impossible for those under the tyranny of sin. That is, until Jesus gave us the keys! 

Daily Scriptures: MATT. 28:18-20 

PRAYER Thank You, Jesus, for making what was impossible possible through Your sacrifice. Without Your we would all be disempowered and under satan’s rule. But instead You made a way for us to have relationship with You and dominion over the earth again. Thank You for making it easy to exercise dominion over the sphere of influence You’ve given me.”

What is the Father saying to you today?