Day 14—January 19, 2019


We must be mindful of the enemy’s tools. But even so, my strength is putting on the full armor of Christ. Christ is my armor! 

I BECOME CONCERNED BY an overemphasis by some on the subject of spiritual warfare. Spiritual conflict is a reality that is not to be ignored. Paul admonishes us to not be unaware of the enemy’s devices (see 2 Cor. 2:11). If we have inherited a Covenant defined by better promises and a life of access to divine Presence, it goes without saying that the overemphasis we place on a defeated devil is a sign that we are walking below this new level of living. Jesus brought us into relationship with the Father. In Eden, everything was defined by relationship. Satan was never the focus for Adam and Eve. He didn’t need to be, as he had no authority. In the same manner, he should not be a main focus for us either—Christ must be! 

Daily Scriptures: 2 COR. 2:11, 14-15, 2 COR. 10:3-5 

PRAYER Lord, help me to never be more impressed with the devil than I am with You because the devil has already been defeated. You are the risen King who reigns now and forever! As I focus my attention on You, Your Presence will permeate the atmosphere around me and dispel the darkness.”

What is the Father saying to you today?