Day 16—January 21, 2019


I can’t afford to live in reaction to darkness. If I do, darkness has had a role in setting the agenda for my life. 

IN THE ORIGINAL purpose of God, humankind was to rule over creation. But then sin entered our domain. Because of sin, creation has been infected by darkness—disease, sickness, afflicting spirits, poverty, natural disasters, demonic influence, etc. While our rule is still over creation, it has become focused on exposing and undoing the works of the devil. That is the ministry of Jesus that we inherited in His commission. The key to undoing the works of the enemy is remaining focused on the blueprint of Heaven. This is not simply a matter of adhering to principles, but living in response to Presence. In the Lord’s Prayer, deliver us from the evil one is listed after Our Father in Heaven—the very statement that begins the prayer. We are the greatest threat to the works of darkness when our gaze is continually fixed upon our Father in Heaven. This is the model that Jesus gave us, as He was One whose eyes and ears were consistently in tune with the Father. To constantly live in response to darkness, we are elevating the very thing we wish to resist or destroy. Darkness should not be a governing force in our lives; it was not for Jesus. He destroyed the works of the devil, not by being consumed with the task to dismantle demonic powers, but rather by constantly looking at the Father and seeing what He was doing. When we live in response to the Father, following the model of Jesus, by default we will destroy the works of darkness. 

Daily Scriptures: JOHN 5:16-23 

PRAYER Father, help me keep my eyes fixed on You and not the enemy or the circumstances around me. I want to see from Your perspective. Take me higher in my thinking so I can be on the same page as You and bring Your heavenly strategies to earth.”

What is the Father saying to you today?