Day 20—January 25, 2019


It is from the place of intimacy that true warfare is experienced. 

THE DEEPER THE intimacy we enjoy with God, the more clearly we understand that the victory has already been purchased—and that the Victor actually indwells us. The place of intimacy reminds us of how close the victory truly is because the One who is victorious dwells within us. Think about it. Jesus Christ, the Champion of Heaven, lives inside of every believer through the power of the Holy Spirit. His victory is our victory; His resurrection is our resurrection! When we exchange fighting for intimacy and start enjoying our relationship with God, we step into a new dimension of warfare. This is not license to ignore the reality of spiritual conflict. Make no mistake, we are in a battle. Paul reminds us not to be ignorant of the devil’s devices. At the same time, Paul does not call us to become overly consumed with the enemy’s schemes and strategies either. Warfare from intimacy is always victorious because we have decided to rest in the fact that the Greater One within us is already victorious. This suggests that our first directive in warfare is to change our agreement. We need to cease agreeing with the enemy, who tells us that we need to fight for our victory, and instead agree with the One who definitively stated, “It is finished.” 

Daily Scriptures: JOHN 19:28-30, ROM. 8:9-11 

PRAYER Thank You, Jesus, for securing the final victory on the Cross. Thank You for living inside of me. Give me a greater revelation of who You are in me so I can release You to the world around me.

What is the Father saying to you today?