Day 21—January 26, 2019


At the table of fellowship, our relationship with God deepens and overflows into a life of victory in conflict with the powers of darkness. 

GOD CALLS US into a place of strength—rediscovering our place in the Garden, walking with Him in the cool of the evening. This would suggest that true warfare is experienced in a place of intimate fellowship. Perhaps it was for that reason that David, Israel’s great warrior and king, wrote, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies” (Ps. 23:5). The place of fellowship and intimacy with God is seen as the table of the Lord—yet it is placed in front of his enemies. This is a strange picture indeed. But until we understand this concept, we will unintentionally elevate the devil’s place much higher than it should be. This kind of romance strikes terror in the heart of the devil and his hosts. The enemy cannot stomach watching people enjoy deep intimacy with the Father. In the Garden, Adam and Eve ruled from this place of closeness. They saw what God was like in the place of intimacy and mirrored His character by following His instructions to have dominion over created order. Surely this aggravated the serpent beyond belief, as he was expelled from heaven because of his lust for a position of authority. He was banished to the earth, now a “creeping thing” that was placed under the dominion of man and woman—those created in God’s image. The devil naively assumed that the fall would change everything. He attempted to disrupt God’s design for man to rule in His image and likeness. To his utter disappointment, the Man, Christ Jesus, won back the keys of authority and dominion. He gave them to you and me so that we would assume our rightful place as those who subdue every expression of darkness in the planet. 

Daily Scriptures: PSALM 23

PRAYER Thank You, Jesus, for putting the devil under my feet by giving me authority over him in you Name and Identity. No matter what tough circumstances are in front of me, I know You are going to work them out for good, because of Your great love for me. I declare that the enemy is defeated in Jesus’ Name.”

What is the Father saying to you today?