Day 19—January 24, 2019


The devil doesn’t mind negative attention. He’ll let us chase him all day long in the name of “warfare.” But it’s a place of weakness. God calls us into a place of strength—rediscovering our place in the Garden. 

SPIRITUAL WARFARE MUST always begin from a position of victory. We do not fight for victory, but rather we fight from victory. The difference is significant. When we are trying to fight for victory, we place a heavy demand on ourselves. If our prayers, confessions, declarations, and various spiritual warfare strategies do not overcome darkness, we call it defeat. The problem is that when we become overly focused on our efforts, we bypass the only effort that is of any substantial value—Christ’s effort. He already won the victory. When spiritual warfare is all about trying to secure victory, then we will always be fighting a losing battle. We do not have the power to prevail against darkness. This is one of the reasons that God sent Jesus to the earth in our place. Jesus was and is the only Man qualified to secure victory against the devil. Instead of us trying to fight for something that is impossible for us to obtain, let us start standing in the place of victory that was already paid for, in full, by Jesus. This perspective changes everything when we approach the necessary reality of spiritual warfare.  

Daily Scriptures: ROM. 8:31-39, MATT. 11:5-30  

PRAYER Jesus, I choose to rest in the price You already paid at the Cross to secure victory against the devil. There is nothing else I need to do besides believe and do what You show me to do from that place. Thank You for not placing a heavy burden on my shoulders, but instead You give me supernatural rest and Your easy and light yoke. Thank You for freedom in Your Presence.”

What is the Father saying to you today?