Day 17—January 22, 2019


All our actions come from one of two basic emotions—fear or love. Jesus did everything from love. 

JESUS DID EVERYTHING from love. So much of what is called warfare comes out of fear. I’ve done it more than I care to admit. We would never worship or give honor to the devil. But remember, like the child needing attention in the classroom, if the enemy can’t get it for something good, then at least he’ll get it for something bad. He wants to become our object of focus and point of emphasis. Perhaps one of the greatest and yet most underused spiritual warfare strategies is to keep our eyes fixed on the Father’s love. This is not a call to ignore conflict. Instead, it is a summons to see darkness from the right perspective. The problem is, too much of what we call spiritual conflict involves an unfortunate shift of perspective. We fall into fear when we move away from love. Scripture tells us that perfect love casts out fear (see 1 John 4:18). I am convinced that we will become less fearful of darkness and more of a threat to it when we start experiencing greater measures of the Father’s love. The One Who loves also protects. He walks with us. He never leaves us or forsakes us. In fact, the One Who loves us also dwells within us. Out of love, He has ensured that we are well-equipped for victory in every arena of life. The conflict must never distract us from the Father’s love. When it does, we step into fear and fear distorts our perception. Fear is what magnifies darkness beyond its realistic position. In truth, darkness has been disarmed and you are filled with the Presence of its Conqueror! 

Daily Scriptures: 1 JOHN 4:7-19 

PRAYER Father, I choose to step toward Your loving embrace and away from fear. I choose to rest my head on Your chest and receive Your love. In Your Presence all fear disappears. What do you want to say to me today about the fear that has been nagging at me?”

What is the Father saying to you today?