Day 18—January 23, 2019


Jesus, the son of God, lived in response to His Father. I must learn to do the same. That is the only example worth following. 

JESUS DID WHAT He saw the Father doing. He spoke what He first heard the Father saying. The Son of God never lived in reaction to darkness—He always operated in response to the Father. To walk in victory, we must follow this model. It is worth noting that this model is not entirely principle-based or formula-driven. The model that Jesus gives us of His response to the Father is a blueprint, yes, but it is completely motivated by intimacy. Jesus did not simply spend time with the Father to get the latest revelation, strategy, or formula for success in life. Yes, Jesus personified a lifestyle of victory. He did not do this by following some seven-step process, though. A lifestyle of breakthrough is the organic byproduct of the lifestyle of intimacy with the Father. Jesus was able to see what the Father was doing because He walked closely with the Father. Jesus heard the sounds of Heaven because He was more at home in that world than He was in this world—although He never became “too heavenly minded to be of earthly good.” It was Jesus’ intimate connection with the Father in Heaven that positioned Him to bring that world to this one. In the same way, we can live in response to the Father in Heaven as we enjoy intimate fellowship and friendship with Him, just as Jesus did. Remember, Jesus is both our Savior and our example. God became a man, so that God could show man how to relate back to God. This is what we see in Jesus’ relationship with the Father. Though He was and is eternally God, He also lived as a man in right relationship with God, giving believers throughout the ages a clear example of what the connection between man and God should look like. 

Daily Scriptures: LUKE 5:12-16, MATT. 14:22-33  

PRAYER Father, help me keep my eyes fixed on You and not the enemy or the circumstances around me. I want to see from Your perspective. Take me higher in my thinking so I can be on the same page as You and bring Your heavenly strategies to earth.”

What is the Father saying to you today?