Day 2—Aug 6, 2018


God created us with desires and passions and the capacity to dream. All of these traits are necessary to truly make us like Him. 

WITH THESE ABILITIES, we can discover more of God, our purpose in life, and the beauty and fullness of His Kingdom. When these abilities exist unharnessed by divine purpose, they take us to forbidden fruit. This was a risk God was willing to take in order to end up with His dream—those made in His image, who worship Him by choice, who carry His Presence into all the earth. It is possible for us to live in a place where our free will is under God’s governing influence. At first, this sounds like a contradiction. Perhaps to the natural mind, but I have to believe that it makes complete sense in the context of the Kingdom. How can one live in freedom and yet be under God’s governing influence, all at once? This takes place when our dreams and desires actually reflect the nature of the Creator. They are not the fruit of God forcing Himself upon us, manipulating us to dream and desire like He does. He did not create robots; He fashioned free agents. The Father experiences great joy when those He has given freedom to, dream with Him. They desire in His Presence, not separate from it. This is what it looks like for us to live in His likeness. 


PRAYER You created me to dream, Father. As I abide in You and You remain in me, we dream together. I do not dream independently of You. I dream in Your Presence. I create in Your glory. Passions are birthed in the secret place of our intimacy together.


What is the Father saying to you today?