Day 1 Sunday January 8

In one moment we find ourselves rejoicing in the dance, arms raised with heads lifted high. In the next we are bowed low, not because someone suggested it would be an appropriate response, but because the fear of God has filled the room.

WHEN HIS PRESENCE comes, everything changes. We know that God is already with us. The Holy Spirit lives inside of us because of Christ’s work on the Cross. This is a given for all believers. But as we have been discovering more and more, the One Who lives within His people also moves among them. Remember, the Presence is not a force or a thing—the anointing is a Person. The Holy Spirit is a Person with feeling, emotions, and yes, an agenda. He is not static and His ways are not stagnant. He may move one way one day, but then move differently the next. The key word is differently, not contrarily. This does not mean God is ever-changing; it simply means that this glorious God Whose character and nature is boundless in every way has decided to let you and I in on how He is feeling and what He is doing—in this moment of time. There are times during a gathering where everything appears to be going in one direction, but then He comes. Even though He was already there because God is omnipresent, He draws close to the point where the atmosphere noticeably changes. Something obvious takes place in that unique space. This same shift can take place wherever you are, from being in a church gathering to talking with friends at a restaurant. Everything appears to go one way, and then He shows up. His movements are different and His methods can vary, but in the end the same Glorious One has given us the awesome privilege to respond to His movement in that moment. May our hearts always be postured to receive and welcome how He is moving.





Holy Spirit, help me to be attuned to how You are showing up, so I can follow your lead.

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you today? 

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