What If...

What if I don’t believe that? What if my experience is different than yours? What if I need you to prove it?

It has been so much fun joining together with other Greater San Antonio churches to get back to the basics of our beliefs. We are more than halfway through the Believe Series throughout the city and each step is a celebration. It doesn’t matter what “brand” our church carries, what denomination we are a part of, or if we agree on every single detail theologically. What matters is we believe in what the Bible says, that Jesus is our focus, and how we live our lives is a reflection of Him.


Watching this play out among our church family here at New Life has been the best part! The few weeks ago, a member of our church family posted on Facebook a picture of her daughter Charity reading the Bible. Charity had decided that she wanted the Holy Spirit and needed to learn more about it. So, what did she do? She opened up the Bible and started looking at what it said, while asking for the input of her parents. This young lady will have a healthy approach to life’s questions if she keeps on this path!

Our KidsLIFE and Impact Youth are taking this journey right along with us. They learn what we learn. They are taught to hear God just like we are as adults. They are taught that the Bible is important in our journey, along with hearing God’s voice, getting counsel from fellow believers, and having strong mentors.

So this leads us to ask this: What are your questions? How would you go about getting those answers? Give us your questions, stories, and testimonies. It builds us all up in our faith!

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