Heavens Government is relational; a family made up of sons and daughters. We don’t relate through power or position, but through relationship because we are brothers and sisters in Christ.

Goodness of God

God is good regardless of our circumstances and, by nature He is in a good mood. He loves to pour out blessing and favor. His heart is loving kindness, and He is eager to show it!

Joy and Hope

Joy and hope are the fruit of good beliefs. Biblical joy creates strength, health & longevity. Our hope level determines our influence level.


Honor is seeing another from Heaven’s perspective, and treating them in the light of that truth.

Risk and Faith

Without faith, it’s impossible to please God, and the mystery of faith often looks like taking risk, trusting that God will come through. Without risk, there is no growth.


The prophetic ministry reveals the heart of God, whether the present or the future. It invites us to respond and live life in the light of this fresh prophetic revelation. It strengthens, encourages, and comforts the body of Christ.

Grace and Empowerment

Grace is the unearned kindness of God. Empowerment is releasing others into their calling. An understanding of the grace shown to us leads us to empower others around us.

Valuing His Presence

.God has always intended His people to live around His presence, constantly aware and continually experiencing Him in every aspect of life.

Releasing the Supernatural

The Book of Acts is the normal Christian life. Jesus promised signs would follow believers, and we would do even greater works than He. We are called and equipped to be another's miracle by releasing the supernatural through us.

Salvation and Righteousness

Our salvation and righteousness is a gift of grace not just to us, but for us. We’ve been freely given all that we need to be friends of God.


Generosity comes from overflow; as we realize God gives us all things abundantly, we release our prosperity to give it away to those in need.

Revelation and the Word

The Bible is the final authority on every area of life. We live in victory and influence as we grow in personal revelation of its truths.