core values

Core values of our church family.


The Bible teaching about Christian leadership core values is pertinent and necessary. Core Values are deeply held beliefs that help guide Christian leadership in their behavior and decision making. It forms the culture of an organization. Here are several Core Values that New Life Fellowship strives to apply as we move forward in serving God and our community.

The foundation of all our Core Values is that we value the Presence of God. We believe that it is when we are one with the Spirit that we are able live out our true purpose and be the church He has called us to be.

We value Relationships. We will be faithfully committed to and honor the people that God places in our lives.  We believe God has placed people above us, beside us and under us to promote and encourage spiritual growth in our lives.

We value Godly Character. 

  • Love. We will give grace to others and serve willingly.

  • Humility. We will be honest with ourselves about our mistakes and limitations, while surrendering our pride and self-awareness to the Holy Spirit.

  • Integrity. We will be accountable and honest in our conduct, practices, and ministry.

  • Spirituality. We will seek to be in constant fellowship with God through prayer, study, worship, Sabbath, solitude and community (Mentors, Small Groups and Serve Teams).

We value the Next Generation. We will invest in and equip our children and teens by reaching them through love, relating to them, and encouraging daily renewal in their relationship with God.

We value Service before Self. We will put God and others before ourselves, understanding that our ultimate call is to serve God and our city sacrificially.

We value Excellence. We will strive to be great. We believe simplicity and small steps forward will allow us to create the best possible experiences for anyone that participates in the vision that God has given us.

We value Adaptability and Innovation. We will not settle for and stop at yesterday’s understanding, knowledge, and accomplishments. We will always strive to stay relevant in our modern times in order to relate to and reach people that need to intersect with God.

Our Culture defines Parameters. We will evaluate and learn the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of our local social, ethnic, and age groups in order to understand how to relate and reach them with the message of the Good News and disciple them in spiritual growth.