The vision of New Life Fellowship is simply this, we exist to lead people to experience FREEDOM through a new life in Christ and build HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS by…

…experiencing the unconditional Love of God by being filled with the Holy Spirit. We provide a weekend experience specifically for sharing the message of God’s love for us and giving everyone the chance to BE LOVED and Love God.

…connecting you to healthy relationships with other followers through Small Groups as outlined in Acts 2 and Hebrews 10. Our vision is to see people connect, share, and grow in their relationship with Christ and others through Small Groups. Love Others.

…involving you in areas of ministry and serving that God has called them to, for the purpose of leading others to Christ. Love Serving.

To join us in this vision, you can become a partner with us in leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Visit our Connect page to learn more about Growth Track and how to become a New Life Partner.